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Facade Webcomic is an independent comic series featuring original artwork and writing. A brief synopsis of what’s to come:

Once a world of perfect harmony, Zygomynoxia was hailed as Paradise.
A place away from the harsh realities and wars on Earth.
But as life moves forward over the years, some people forget the ideals of the ages past.
The once beautiful and saintlike Zygomynoxia has become corrupt.
Political discord and struggles for absolute power over all lesser beings fills the inner most rings.
The undesired and discarded outcasts are dumped onto the outer ring, left to rot.

Moving against the flow of change is a small group of those outcasts.
An Innocent Bride.
An Ex-Soldier.
An Engineer.
An Apprentice Seer.
And others long since shunned from harmony.

But remember, not all in Zygomynoxia is always as it seems.
Some secrets seal away mysteries darker than anything ever known to man…